Content Creation Limits

XenForo 2 Add-on

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Controlling the frequency of posts and other content is a crucial part of ensuring good performance, reducing spam, and minimizing duplicate posts. With these granular frequency controls, you can set forum-specific frequency settings over specific periods of time, as well as help reduce spam with other user-generated content features.

Enhance granularity of post frequency controls

Content Creation Limits Features

  • Control how many posts, media, resources and conversation messages can be made in a period of time

  • Determine the number of posts made in a given time period by forum

  • Limit how often conversation messages and other types of content can be sent or posted

ReleasedSep 17th, 2019
Last UpdatedDec 5th, 2019Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.1
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