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If you’ve got a lot of content on your forums that cover a wide variety of subjects, how do you organize it all?

Utilizing nodes is only half of the solution. Too few and your community will have a hard time finding the specific content they need in a node. Too many and they’ll have a hard time deciding which node will have what they want. Prefixes help, too, but with a lot of content and slower connections, reloading every time you want to adjust your search results can be a hassle.

Enter Filter.

Filter gives your visitors the ability to easily drill down to the content they want - without a refresh - utilizing the filter widget or the filter bar to load the results directly in the page they are on without waiting for a page to load.

Customers who have already purchased Topics or UI.X Pro with Topics included can get Filter for free! UI.X Pro customers automatically have Filter available in their account. Topics customers can use coupon code FREEFILTER19 at checkout to get Filter for free. If you have an issue with the coupon code, just open a ticket and let us know.

Apply filters without reloading the page
Simplify how visitors find content
Utilize prefixes and nodes without additional configuration

Filter Features

Administrator Features
  • Simple configuration - no advanced setup required!

  • Works with existing nodes and prefixes.

  • Add the [TH] Filter widget to supported pages.

  • Determine what the default filter in widgets on the “All Threads” page should be; Prefixes, Nodes, or both.

  • Assign a fixed color value randomly to nodes without a color already set automatically.

User Features
  • Filter results to find desired content easily.

  • Dynamically filter results in-page without a refresh.

  • Save multiple filter presets.

ReleasedDec 3rd, 2019
Last UpdatedJul 14th, 2020Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.1
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