Notifier - with Slack integration

XenForo 2 Add-on

Know what’s happening on your forum and stay up to date by sending notifications from XenForo to Slack and Mattermost. Set up the actions you would like to receive notifications about and further define it by choosing the nodes, categories, report content types, and user criteria based on the content type. Notifier will help keep you informed.

Send notifications from XenForo to Slack and Mattermost
Set up notifications based on content type
Stay informed with what’s happening on your forum
ReleasedMar 6th, 2019
Last UpdatedMar 6th, 2019
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.1, Slack or Mattermost, PHP 7.0+

Notifier - with Slack integration Features

Administrative Features
  • Send notifications from XenForo to Slack and Mattermost

  • Have notifications sent based on content type including posts, reports, resources, resource ratings, resource updates, threads, albums, media items, and media ratings

  • Choose the nodes, category, or report content type based on the content type to receive notifications about

  • Utilize user criteria, user field criteria, and remote platform criteria (if available) to choose who to receive notifications about

  • Select which channel to receive notifications in

  • Send a message from XenForo to a provider

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