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Do more than just "like", let your users react to posts in your community. Set up which reactions best fit your forum. Sad, love, cheers, truth, custom emojis, custom icons, you name it. This idea was popularized by Facebook and an integration your forum users will really love.

Enhance user engagement with the ability to react
Provide a modern user experience
Add an unlimited amount of reactions and reaction types with support for emojis, icons, and images
Control various aspects of Reactions
ReleasedSep 12th, 2017
Last UpdatedFeb 11th, 2019Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.0

Reactions Features

Administrator Features
  • Support for emojis, icons, and images

  • Add an unlimited amount of reactions and reaction types

  • View smooth looking animation by clicking on the trigger icon which shows all the ratings

  • Receive various reactions by default and options to import popular reaction types

  • Customize use by controlling which user groups can and cannot use reactions

  • Allow/disable reactions in different categories or forums

  • Enable/disable any reactions you want to use or not use

  • Choose if the reactions should send alerts or not

  • Allow your reactions to be published to news feed

  • Prevent users from removing their reactions

  • Choose how many days each reaction can be used

  • Include a high resolution, retina image to replace the original image

  • Choose from many different styling types: Image, Text/Emoji, CSS class, and HTML/CSS

  • Configure Reactions trigger (default is heart icon) to any custom icon

  • Choose the global size of reactions when displaying in more condensed areas like alerts and the news feed

  • Choose the maximum number of reactions before it condenses them to save space

  • Choose the reaction divider

  • Enable or disable postbit integration

  • Edit how post ratings are displayed and viewed

  • Choose what order the reaction type will appear in for the user

  • Define the color of the reaction type

  • Make reactions positive, negative, or neutral reaction types or create a custom reaction type

  • Import from Post Ratings after upgrading from XenForo 1.X!

  • Improve use on small screens or with a large number of reactions with pagination support

  • User criteria support for user promotions

  • Create database columns automatically for add-on content types (XFRM, XFMG, etc) when the add-on is installed

  • Rebuild your user reaction count and add-on columns if you have them installed after reactions is installed

  • Support for the XenForo Resource Manager and XenForo Media Gallery

  • Show user reactions above/below the postbit

  • Show reactions as numbers instead of a bar

User Features
  • React to posts with preset emojis, icons, and images

  • Responsive design with hover triggering for desktop and long press support for mobile devices

  • View how many reactions a user has used on their member card and click further to see which reactions were used

  • View the reaction count on member widgets which allow you to view the list of reactions for that user

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