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XenForo upgrades and maintenance

The Handyplan for XenForo

Monthly or quarterly professional upgrade, critical fixing, and consulting for your XenForo software, official add-ons, and ThemeHouse products; a completely hands-off peace of mind experience.

Know your forum is monitored
Month to Month
Cancel anytime
Industry Experts
Fixes and support on-demand


Update XenForo Monthly
Free upgrades on all existing products
Update all ThemeHouse add-ons/themes monthly
Expedited support via phone
Basic consultation for XenForo software
Loves the Handyplan for XenForo
Home Theater Forum

Ultimate XenForo Maintenance Plan

Experts in your corner and flexible options

Monthly upgrades

Depending on the size of your board, monthly upgrades to the latest XenForo version, themes and add-ons are included!

Stay organized and cleanly

Just like your car, forums need regular maintenance and repairs. Having someone available to take care of this work is extremely valuable to any size forum.

Experienced consultants

Our team has worked with XenForo since it was first released. Whether you need to add a new revenue stream or add a new feature, you can trust our team to know the most efficient way to get it completed.

Hire the top XenForo experts for on demand upgrades and support

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