Choose design option


Standard setup

For those who want the essential setup but do not need any custom design work.

  • You provide us with logo, colors, and other limited customizations
  • We ask for some freedom in setting it up and customize based on your niche
  • Labor limited in total to 30 minutes with a designer
  • If you prefer setup yourself, let us know

One mockup designed and coded

We will design it, work on it with you, then code it into XenForo and UI.X Pro

  • We will do a single desktop design mockup as an image
  • That mockup will be referenced when we code all other pages
  • Product will be everything UI.X is, mobile friendly, and with the full feature set
  • This is best for those who want a custom look and feel
Free Quote

Full custom experience

For a completely customized experience, we can discuss best options with you

  • We will email or schedule a call to go over your unique needs
  • We can optionally design multiple mockups for desktop, mobile, landing pages, paywalls and more
  • If you need custom functionality, we can put a plan of action together
  • A full statement of work is prepared and sent for you to approve before beginning
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