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Save when you plan ahead.

Our monthly subscriptions offer the entire ThemeHouse experience for a discounted rate.  Customize your community like never before with our affordable packages.



SproutBox Hosting
1 included XenForo Theme per year
1 included XenForo Add-on per year
Monthly newsletter on new products and promotions
Included XenForo installation
Add-on Plan


Access to all XenForo Add-ons
Updates to all add-ons
Premium Support
Branding Removal
Theme & Add-on Plan


Access to all XenForo 1 themes & add-ons
Access to all XenForo 2 themes & add-ons
Updates to all themes and add-ons
All source files
Premium support
Free Branding Removal


Update XenForo Monthly
Free upgrades on all existing products
Update all ThemeHouse add-ons/themes monthly
Expedited support via phone
Basic consultation for XenForo software
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