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At ThemeHouse, we love what we do and we do it very well. At any scale, no matter the stage, we have a solution to help.

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Welcome to ThemeHouse; home to web and forum architects and designers.

ThemeHouse and Audentio, the digital agency that created it, are world leaders in forums, web software solutions, and UI/UX. Our technologies have successfully assisted thousands of projects for clients across the world.


We believe every project, no matter the scope, should be beautiful. And we take the time to get every last detail perfect.

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Our products are used on all kinds of websites and communities, so you can expect what we offer to be tried and true.

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We know how to work with other teams, and any environment. Our code will be orderly and written with the consideration of other developers and the future.

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We believe in design as a method of problem solving. Good design is good functionality, and vice versa. So we always start from a design-first perspective, whether its designing a new theme for your forum, landing page for your new product, developing a function for your website, anything at all. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

UI/UX Design, Themes, Graphic Design
Add-on/plugin Development
Hosting, Data Migration, Systems administration
Roadmapping, Strategy, Consultation
Our role can scale in line with your project

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