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We are down to earth creatives and developers. Just people that work hard and love what they do.

Audentio has been a pleasure to work with. Not only is their work technically excellent, but they are also easy to communicate with and responsive to our needs and goals. We have been very happy with their work.

Arnold Kim

It’s been a pleasure working with a responsive, helpful and friendly team. Talking Point is much loved and greatly needed by people affected by dementia and it has been incredibly helpful to work with such a knowledgeable...

Serena Snoad

I am very pleased with the final product. Mike and the team are professional, polite and make the process as fluid as possible. They're great listeners and are able to take your ideas and bring them to life. I appreciate...

Genjuro Kibagam

Audentio has delivered a well-crafted product, which seamlessly integrates with the needs of our customers. The team holds a high standard for their work, and we will definitely come back to them again.

Ard Boudeling

Who is Audentio?

Audentio is the digital agency that created ThemeHouse. We are a full-stack designer and developer team as well as experts in all sorts of other skillsets. We've come together to create amazing projects that we love. Most of us come from the forum design world and have been active members for years. Mike, the founder of Audentio, has been actively developing in the forum world for a decade -- back in InvisionFree and early vB2 and 3 days.

Meet the team!

Mike Creuzer


Kyler Carlson

Senior Developer

Jake Booher

Senior Developer

Nikki Radloff

Creative Director

Ian Hitt

Senior Front-end Developer

Sarah Worthylake

Operations & Project Manager

Tushar Singh

Senior Developer

Lukas Wieditz

Senior Backend Developer

Dalton Prock

Digital Product Manager

Victoria Dinneen

Marketing Coordinator

Grant Rygh

Frontend Developer

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