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If you are looking to make the move over to XenForo, which now is the commercial platform of choice, we can help! We offer data migration services to make sure:

  • URLs redirect correctly
  • Add-ons and themes are replaced or rebuilt
  • All data is ported correctly over to XenForo
  • Training, videos, consultation, and more
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Invision Power Services
Migrate from Invision Power Services (IPS)
Migrate from vBulletin
Migrate from phpBB
Migrate from MyBB
Migrate from XenForo
Simple Machines Forum
Migrate from Simple Machines Forum
Already running XenForo 1?

Upgrade to XenForo 2

Major upgrades can be a bit of a headache. If you want to upgrade to XenForo’s new major release, we can help guide or complete the project for you.

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We’re there every step of the way

Having successfully completed countless migration projects, both small and large in scope, you can be assured we have your best interests in mind with your entrusted data. From small to large boards, from old platforms to new ones, we can handle the scope for all types of migration projects.

We work around your schedule

Our team is no stranger to working on different timezones or with tight schedules. Once we pick a date, we make it happen. We also will pick a time where your members are least busy and work very hard to minimize any downtime.

Find or rebuild custom add-ons

You, your staff, and your members are used to certain features. If you need something migrated over, whether it's a simple tool or a large system, we can move the functionality and the data so there is a seamless experience when migrating.

Security and safety

We treat the job you are entrusting us with very seriously. Your data will be backed up before ever touching anything. We'll also make sure it is handled with secure, private, safe procedures. We redo the backup to pull fresh data right before we begin as well.

Trial run and testing

Measure twice, cut once. We do a test migration to make sure the migration script is running smoothly, themes and add-ons are working properly, and everything is running as you need it to before doing the final migration. Give or take a few things, you should be able to see your community exactly as it will be when live.

Fine-tune the experience

We can touch anything from themes and add-ons to training videos and membership models. Our experience in forums is second to none. If you want to try something new, let us know what your dream product is, and we'll put a plan of action together to meet those goals.

Post-migration support

Sometimes migrations need some tweaks over time. We're here to help even after going live. We'll stick around before, during, and after the migration for support and answering any questions you have with the software, differences, or user issues.

Latest Migration Projects

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Forum design, development, and data migration for popular gaming and entertainment forum

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