Ways to use [TH] Monetize
By victoriad on yesterday at 6:08 p.m..

There is so much you can do with Monetize. See some of the ways you can use it!

The results are in: UI.X, XPress, XWiki, and XLink Performance
By victoriad on last Wednesday at 6:12 p.m..

We tested the performance of a few products and the results are in! (Spoiler: They did well!)

Our Favorite Sites Using XPress
By Jessica Peterson on 05/07/2019.

We shared a few of our favorite sites currently using XPress, our bridge for XenForo and WordPress.

UI.X Pro vs UI.X: What’s the difference?
By victoriad on 04/29/2019.

UI.X and UI.X Pro are both great, but how are they different and what should you get?

Create your own demo!
By victoriad on 04/09/2019.

Interested in some of our products? See how to make your own demo and try them out!

Student Doctor Network launches with redesigned website and forum
By Nikki Radloff on 04/04/2019.

2019 for Student Doctor Network is looking beautiful with a fresh new website design

Local iPad Pro Scratch Off Promotion
By Jessica Peterson on 04/03/2019.

An interactive, print piece designed for a Rockford leadership development workshop

Introducing Emojify Pro
By Kyler C on 04/02/2019.

We had a bit of fun this April Fools day and decided to create Emojify Pro.

Tips for a smooth upgrade to XF 2.1
By Jessica Peterson on 03/11/2019.

Take a look at our tips for upgrading to XF 2.1!

Team Spotlight: Victoria
By Jessica Peterson on 03/07/2019.

Meet Victoria, marketing coordinator at Audentio.

ThemeHouse Product Compatibility with XenForo 2.1
By victoriad on 01/31/2019.

Most of our XenForo 2 products are now compatible with XenForo 2.1. It was a major update, so if you do find any bugs, let us know!

Automatic best answers and more with [TH] Question and Answer Forums
By Jon Wainwright on 01/30/2019.

There are some great new features with the latest release (version 1.1.0) of [TH] Question and Answer Forums! Take a look!

Team Spotlight: Dalton
By Jessica Peterson on 01/22/2019.

Meet Dalton, customer service at Audentio.

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