MPOWR launches with fresh website design
By Nikki Radloff on 02/26/2018.

We helped MPOWR re-energize their software with a newly-refined brand and bold online experience.

2017 Recap
By Mike Creuzer on 01/10/2018.

A new year has come and we're taking a moment to look back at what made 2017 so great.

Creating cPanel Site Publisher
By Kyler C on 12/27/2017.

The process of building the cPanel Site Publisher with intuitive features and simplistic design in mind.

Team Spotlight: Nikki
By Jessica Peterson on today at 5:56 p.m..

Meet Nikki, creative director at Audentio.

Themes vs Templates and the structure of a front-end project
By Mike Creuzer on 04/05/2018.

So what is the difference between a theme and a template?

Support changes
By Mike Creuzer on 04/05/2018.

We've taken a few steps in January to focus on offering better support on our products and services

Team Spotlight: Ian
By Jessica Peterson on 03/07/2018.

Meet Ian, frontend developer at Audentio

Top 5 JavaScript Libraries to Watch on Github
By Kyler C on 02/01/2018.

No longer muddle through thousands of options, we list our essential JavaScript libraries.

Hawaii’s Emergency Alert System Redesign
By Nikki Radloff on 01/18/2018.

What we think Hawaii's Emergency Alert System should have looked.

Team Spotlight: Jake
By Jessica Peterson on 01/11/2018.

Meet Jake, senior developer at Audentio.

Proper Theme Installation and Management for XenForo 1
By Mike Creuzer on 01/03/2018.

We share our insights on the best approach to installing a XenForo 1 theme with future upgrades in mind.

How We Use Slack to Power our Communication
By Mike Creuzer on 01/02/2018.

Here's a look at how we use Slack to work more efficiently and our thoughts on what we like.

Team Spotlight: Sarah
By Jessica Peterson on 12/22/2017.

Meet Sarah, operations manager at Audentio.

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