Terms of Service

Last Updated: October 5th 2020, 5:27 pm

By ordering a product (add-on, theme or service) from ThemeHouse the following terms are agreed to:

  1. All sales are final, please check your cart/basket prior to completing the checkout process as exchanges are not permitted.
  2. Products may have requirements listed on their product page or on their terms pages. This includes things such as software version or other technologies or tools required. You are responsible for ensuring you meet all requirements before purchases, as in accorrdance with Item 1.
  3. Credit and/or refunds are provided at our sole discretion, we endeavour to fix all issues as quickly as possible and request a reasonable timeframe and opportunity to resolve any problems prior to a refund being requested. Refunds are not provided due to not understanding the features of the product/service or how it works.
  4. ThemeHouse will not be held responsible for any issues arising from upgrade or modification to customized child styles, or for any issues arising from the installation, upgrade/update or removal of a product (addon, theme or service), as such it is strongly recommended that backups are taken prior to upgrades and that upgrades are carried out on a “test” or development board initially.
  5. Ownership transfers, full account or individual product, are handled on a case by case basis and can only be completed with written agreement from ThemeHouse management.
  6. Any sensitive data provided to us should be temporary and access removed after the issue or project is closed or a reasonable amount of time.
  7. Support is provided during business hours only, 9am to 5pm Central Time (US), Monday to Friday and excludes holidays, support requested outside of these timeframes will be reviewed the following business day.
  8. Installation issues that are not due to a bug in the installer require the purchase of support to resolve and are not included in standard support. Installation services are offered for products.
  9. Anything we are hired to do we must be allowed to do it the way we know how and the way that it is most reasonable for us to do it. This includes but is not limited to: proper access to a demo version of a platform, proper access to third-party resources as needed, modifications done in a format we are familiar with and a method that is reasonable to do.
  10. Pricing for projects will be included with a Statement of Work. We will determine if packages or discounted rates can be used for the project.
  11. We reserve the right to consider certain support tickets as out of scope: such as when we do not have a solid statement of work in place, when we are not given the tools to complete a job (access to a place to complete the job or a proper methodology to complete the job).
  12. We require that products and services provided by ThemeHouse are used for lawful purposes (lawful under United States, IL, law) only, if you have any concerns regarding this please contact us prior to purchasing any of our products.

Certain products or services may be subject to individual terms or license agreements, these are available. You can find a list of all other license agreements here.

Support limitations:

Support is offered with any active premium support license. Support is limited to tickets at themehouse.com. Use of phone support, live sales chat, email, or other means may be required at times, but any other means besides tickets unless otherwise specified may be missed or not accepted. To contact support, you can start here.

We retain the right to deny support to anyone for any sound reason. Major reasons are listed here as examples: Warez, leaks, black hat hacking, illegal pornography, hate, racism, game cheats, or hacks.

This list may not be exhaustive but paints a solid picture. If you have any reason to question your platform or topic, please feel free to contact us.

Holding an active user account:
  1. You agree to follow all laws as governed by where our business is registered (Illinois, United States of America).
  2. You agree to not place chargebacks with your bank. Upon a chargeback, we will remove usage access to your account and remove all access and future access to download products or use our services.
  3. You agree to not share your account credentials with other people or sites.
  4. You agree to not attempt to misuse the tools or features we provide on our website.
  5. This list may not be exhaustive. If we have any reason to suspect foul play we will attempt to contact you or remove access to your account.

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