Bridging the gap

Seamless XenForo and WordPress Integration

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Same one design, two softwares


Why go through the long process of rebuilidng your theme for each software when a more cost-effective approach is right here?

Sign in with either platform account


With single sign-on capabilities, users can sign in with either platform account. This means either XenForo or WordPress membership plugins can be used, no limitations.

Share memberships and ads, both ways


Premium content and advertisements can now be shared seamlessly between XenForo and WordPress. Set it up once and you're done.

Compatible with UI.X and UI.X Pro


Or any XenForo theme of your choosing! XPress is highly extendable and can be implemented in just a few easy steps.


Introducing XPress

XPress is a smart, scalable bridge between XenForo and WordPress. Don't let software limitations stand in your way, seamlessly bring content into your forum.

Thread Posts

Thread posts instead of article comments

Improve the WordPress commenting experience. Replace your native WordPress comments with a full XenForo thread embed, or use BB Codes and Ajax submit on native WordPress comments. Comments are also fully synced across platforms!

Auto-post from WordPress to XenForo

Promote threads in your community to WordPress posts too! Several functional tags can be added to a WordPress post to support different functionalities like creating feature posts, redirecting WordPress posts to XenForo threads, and more.

Shared Widgets

Shared widgets - default or custom

You have full control over what widgets display between XenForo and WordPress whether you want recent articles on your forum or recent posts on your blog.

Xenforo and WordPress bridge

Ready to get started with XPress?

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Granular features

More features, more control

Control the appearance

The style is up to you! XPress is compatible with any XenForo theme as WordPress viewers will use your XenForo theme. Plus you can customize the appearance of your articles through style properties and choose if you would like to use the featured article image as the thread cover.

Share content and advertisements

Seamlessly share premium content and ads between XenForo and WordPress.

Manage users simply

Synchronize, automate, and manage WordPress user roles with the XLink user promotion system and automatically link existing accounts and create new WordPress accounts for all your XenForo users.

Synchronize user information across platforms

Pull XenForo avatars, usernames, biographies and more into WordPress, and redirect WordPress author pages to XenForo member profiles.

Enable single sign-on

Shared login and single sign-on turn logging into both platforms into a single action!

That's not all

XPress has a lot to offer including the ability to add the WordPress breadcrumb to your XenForo site, search through WordPress and XenForo using unified search, and importing from XenPorta 2, CTA Featured Threads, and XenBlog.

From forum admins to content writers, XPress brings your content together

Companies who are loving XPress
Home Theater
Student Doctor Network
Firefighter Forums
Installation included.
Optional annual renewal of $59.95

Bring your content together

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