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Self Installation

For the tech-savvy board administrator.

  • You’ve got this! Follow along closely to our documentation during your installation.

  • We will still provide support for bug fixes but we cannot guarantee when we can look at each individual site, as many issues are related to specific environment.
  • If you run into any issues or need assistance with installation or server errors, we can still help! You’ll be charged at our standard hourly rate of $159 per hour.

Professional Installation

Since integrating two platforms can be complicated, we recommend leaving it to the pros. We can help make sure it is installed properly and resolve potential server errors that may arise during your installation.

  • We'll install the product for you on the existing platforms and help with basic configuration.
  • We will assist in resolving server errors that may occur.
  • We will provide support for bug fixes.
  • Please Note: For advanced server adjustments you will need to work with your host.
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