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UI.X is a feature-rich XenForo theme that is built around the idea that it can be thrown any scenario and handle it beautifully. If you want your visitors to have a fully responsive beautiful metro/flat user interface with features such as a sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, super menus, side by side nodes, social media icons, and much more, this is the theme for you!

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Any width, any device

Fully Responsive

Ready for any screen or modern device, from mobile handhelds to tablets up to HD desktop with retina support.

Solid Organization

Light or Dark?

Making a dark theme of any color, is pretty easy to do. Any color is easily created.



Complete with installation guide, customization tricks and pointers, and technical details and information on how to get some advanced tasks completed.

See Documentation
Google Fonts and more


From the ACP, choose to load in Google fonts and have it update all typographical components. You can add in other third-party fonts in as well.

Limitless Options

Easy Customization

Color Palette

We spent a good amount of time ensuring we cleaned up the color palette so you didn't have to guess what you are modifying. All colors are standardized.

Style Properties

Just about everything stylistic can be modified in the Style Property system, to allow quick theming and customization. Get up and running in no time at all.


Plenty of features to get everything tweaked how you want. Including usergroup permissions, admin tools, and more.

Intuitive, object-oriented

Clean Code

With our organization standards properly utilized, you'll never lose your code again when you upgrade XenForo. And if you want to extend the theme, the code is easy to modify and extend.

Alas, we have more!

More Features

Install from Admin CP

Install, receive upgrade notices, setup child/parent organization right from your control panel. Never miss an update.

Sticky navigation and sidebar

Display a content-rich screen at all times and improve navigation usability and retention. Easily disabled individually by your users or can be removed globally.

Canvas System

For mobile or even desktop, you can display canvas panels on your site. Great for improving your navigation experience if you want to save space or just have a lot of links.

Node Grid management

Have some nodes better off in 3 or 4 columns? Some that you want full-width? Complete flexibility on giving nodes special widths for a truly custom look and feel on your index.

Extended Footer

Add up to 4 columns and 3 rows to your footer for a small, consice footer or a link, call-to-action, widget filled huge footer. Works with Widget Framework and other add-ons as well.

Logo Options

Upload a logo, supports retina, use just text and an icon, an icon alone, and even move the logo to a few different places such as inside the navigation. Can also show a different logo on sticky navigation.

Header and Navigation Settings

Lots of header and navigation customization tools such as background images, sticky navigation, navigation and logo styles, userbar for logged in users, and more.

Awesome Icons

FontAwesome by default can be added all over the places such as node status icons, logo icons, menus, and more. Material Icons and other icon sets can be added in as well.

Sidebar Toggle

Allow certain usergroups to hide the sidebar for perhaps a bit more breathing room. Reset button TTL included as well.

Toggle collapse sticky threads

Tired of seeing the same old sticky threads? Allow your users to collapse them if you choose. New response to threads, edited thread, and other criteria will automatically uncollapse them from hidden to visible for all users.

All these features

For little cost

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