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Jessica Peterson

Our Favorite Sites Using XPress
By Jessica Peterson on 05/07/2019.

We shared a few of our favorite sites currently using XPress, our bridge for XenForo and WordPress.

Local iPad Pro Scratch Off Promotion
By Jessica Peterson on 04/03/2019.

An interactive, print piece designed for a Rockford leadership development workshop

Tips for a smooth upgrade to XF 2.1
By Jessica Peterson on 03/11/2019.

Take a look at our tips for upgrading to XF 2.1!

Team Spotlight: Victoria
By Jessica Peterson on 03/07/2019.

Meet Victoria, marketing coordinator at Audentio.

Team Spotlight: Dalton
By Jessica Peterson on 01/22/2019.

Meet Dalton, customer service at Audentio.

Just Released: MacRumor's Twitter Bot
By Jessica Peterson on 01/08/2019.

Looking for new ways to engage with their audience, MacRumors worked with our team to create a Twitter bot to advise their followers with Apple purchases based on their popular Buyer's Guide.

Team Spotlight: Kyler
By Jessica Peterson on 06/13/2018.

Meet Kyler, senior developer at Audentio.

Lukas' Products Now Available Through Themehouse
By Jessica Peterson on 06/12/2018.

Themehouse acquires Lukas' products

Coming Soon: UI.X Pro
By Jessica Peterson on 05/30/2018.

A quick preview of UI.X Pro.

Team Spotlight: Lukas
By Jessica Peterson on 05/25/2018.

Meet Lukas, our newest backend developer at Audentio.

Google Rolls Out Mobile-First Indexing
By Jessica Peterson on 05/11/2018.

A quick look at Google's new mobile-first indexing

The Top 6 Announcements from Google I/O 2018
By Jessica Peterson on 05/09/2018.

A brief look at some of the highlights from the 2018 Google I/O Keynote.

Europe’s New Privacy Law- The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
By Jessica Peterson on 05/04/2018.

An in-depth look at the new GDPR and how it will effect consumers and organizations in the digital space.

An Introduction to the Google Maps Platform
By Jessica Peterson on 05/04/2018.

A brief look into the new Google Maps Platform

Divi: A Breakdown
By Jessica Peterson on 04/25/2018.

Our team takes a close look at Divi, identifying our favorite and less favorite features.

Team Spotlight: Nikki
By Jessica Peterson on 04/20/2018.

Meet Nikki, creative director at Audentio.

Team Spotlight: Ian
By Jessica Peterson on 03/07/2018.

Meet Ian, frontend developer at Audentio

Team Spotlight: Jake
By Jessica Peterson on 01/11/2018.

Meet Jake, senior developer at Audentio.

Team Spotlight: Sarah
By Jessica Peterson on 12/22/2017.

Meet Sarah, operations manager at Audentio.

How To Create a Brand that Consumers Stand Behind
By Jessica Peterson on 10/31/2017.

A look at three questions to ask yourself when wanting to instill trust in your consumers with your brand.

Changing the Font Size on Your Browser
By Jessica Peterson on 03/07/2017.

A breakdown of changing the font size on your browser, for any browser, all in one place.

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