Automatic best answers and more with [TH] Question and Answer Forums

By Jon Wainwright  01/30/2019
What is [TH] Question and Answer Forums?

[TH] Question and Answer Forums is an add-on that turns your threads into questions and replies into answers. Users can then vote up or down on answers to help the thread poster to select the best answer.

So what’s new with version 1.1.0?

One of the bits of feedback we’ve been getting is that this add-on added extra work for moderators who had to mark posts as best answer when thread posters didn’t. They would also need to help users out if they didn’t set a thread as a question properly. Well not anymore!

In the latest version of the add-on, we have added some new permissions to make it easier for users to add/remove question status after they have created their thread, which works in the same way as the edit thread title permission. We’ve also made it less likely that users will make the mistake in the first place, by automatically setting a thread as a question if an appropriate thread prefix is checked.

But the biggest change we’ve made is to allow for best answers to be selected automatically!

You can find out more about all these features in the following video:

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