Introducing Emojify Pro

By Kyler C  04/02/2019

Everyone knows the internet is a dangerous place on April 1st. Our team is filled with people who can appreciate a good chuckle and we decided to do something fun this year.

We set a goal to come up with a project that was both small in development scope but also had a large user impact.

We brainstormed a few different ideas, and decided that a project revolving around emoji did the best job of meeting those goals.

Creating Emojify Pro

We prototyped a few basic implementations, but ended up deciding that the best approach was to have a bit of javascript that would parse webpages and use a dictionary of emoji replacements that we created to create an "emojified" experience.

This was easy to implement for our primary market of XenForo, but also let us build our first Chrome extension to run that same javascript on any webpage.

We also used this project as practice for our marketing department letting them come up with a fun narrative for the product.

Want to join in the fun?

Interested in checking out Emojify Pro?

Get it for XenForo 1:

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OR use the Chrome extension:

We're not quite done fooling around 😉We’ve decided to keep our April Fools spirit through the end of the week! Until Sunday night, receive 50% off your total purchase on using the code APRILFLASH.

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