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By Victoria D  10/14/2019

XenForo’s support for the XenForo 1 versions has ended, therefore we are ending support for our XF1 products as well beginning January 1, 2020. As of today, we do not intend on releasing any more updates for our XF1 products. With the exception of UI.X, license renewals for XF1 products are no longer available to purchase and many of the products will only be available for purchase through the XF1 Essential Suite without support.

We would encourage anyone still using XF1 to upgrade to XF2 - see why. Here are some tips to help with the upgrade and if you would like more assistance we would be happy to help you upgrade.

Are you concerned about your existing styles and add-ons when making the move? We’ve got answers!

“What about style ‘X’? Will you port your XF1 styles to XF2?”

In some cases, yes! In fact, we’ve already ported a number over, so check out our XF2 themes to see if yours is listed. We may not port all of them over, but we are looking at porting some of our more popular styles from XF1 over to XF2. Of course, we’d also be happy to do custom work for you, so contact us for a quote!

“What about the functionality offered by add-on ‘X’? Will you port it to XF2?”

Many of our popular XF2 add-ons have already been ported, while others have functionality that XF2 now has by default! Don’t see an add-on or XF2 feature that covers what you need? Just ask! We do custom development, and would be more than happy to provide a quote!

“Does my license for ‘X’ for XF1 carry over to the XF2 version?”

No, however UI.X users with an active license can upgrade for 50% off to UI.X 2! We also encourage you to check out UI.X Pro to create the ideal forum experience!

Don’t see your question answered here? Feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help. Thank you for your support!

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