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UI.X is one of the most advanced XenForo themes to date. It also serves as the basis of all premium XenForo themes from ThemeHouse.


Credits: Core from ThemeHouse is an add-on credits system that incorporates into your board a credits system that supports multiple currencies, 20+ events (more to come!), an awesome dashboard to monitor all transactions and events, integration with PayPal, supports user group promotions and much more.

Donation Manager

With so many expenses, your organization can often find that offsetting cost with donations is a great way to produce continued quality services and better experiences for your guests.

Monetize Pro

Add the ability to sell packages and advertisement space right on your site. Members can easily apply to be advertisers and start purchasing spaces. Pay per click or pay for a certain amount of time, its up to you.

Paywall for XenForo

Adds a few options to allow user upgrades to be displayed immediately after registration, on all permission denied pages, as well as on all pages. Thus requiring membership before accessing the forum.

Quick Thread for XenForo

Allow users to find the forum they want quickly and create a thread in one action. Put the call to action button wherever you want such as globally in the header.

Credit Shop

This add-on is built to work with the AD Credits add-on. It allows you to purchase products with credits. Built for the AD Credits add-on, Credits: Shop integrates with PayPal and supports multiple currencies and everything else the core supports.


Corp is a stunning theme for XenForo that is sure to please your members. It comes by default with a bunch of node grid column configuration options, colors, and supports background images very nicely without obscuring text.

Mailing List

Bringing the integration of MailChip and Constant Contact - making he information within your XenForo database available at your fingertips for use within newsletters.

Slack for XenForo

Slack connects your team - keeping them up to date with new content, reports, and certain moderator actions in real time.

Node Sponsors

Node Sponsors allows you to show off your sponsors logo or image on a forum node that they may support in or send updates posts through.


Material is a theme inspired by Google's Material design spec, whose purpose is to enhance legibility, be bold and intentional, and bring real life movement and depth to the web.


Allow your users to add landmarks or points of interest on your community. From regular users to administrators, nothing can go wrong with Hotspots.

Watch Forums After Registration

Watch Forums After Registration allows you to increase user activity and engage your members. Our plugin offers a huge amount of options to customize what forums show up to new users, and even lets them search through them to find specific things that interest them.

Profile Views

Profile views allows users to track who has been poking about or visiting their profile on your forums.

Navigation Manager

Navigation Manager allows you to create navigation links without having to worry about coding it into your index.

Undelete Users

This add-on allows users to pin locations on maps of the world or any custom maps of your choice.

Drag and Drop

This add-on will allow you to easily change the order and layout of your node list without changing each item individually. Note that if you already own UI.X it is included with it already though UI.X is not required for this add-on.


This add-on adds the ability for your users to create new sub-accounts or request that existing accounts by added as sub-accounts of their account.

Ignore More

This add-on adds the ability for users to ignore threads and forums.

User Upgrades

Add additional features to the built in user upgrades functionality.


This add-on adds the ability for your users to create new sub-accounts or request that existing accounts by added as sub-accounts of their account.


This add-on allows your users to invite new users to your forum and increase participation. Send mass emails or provide single use links. With group permission features, you can control how invites are used - including requiring an invite to register and how many invites users can send

Monetize Lite

Create fully responsive advertisement banners all over your board with tools such as Adsense/Double Click, AdMob, BuySellAds and more.


Add a blogging system to your forum and enhance your community experience.


This add-on allows a user, when creating or editing a thread, to specify a Thumbnail image to be used for display next to the thread in the forum view, or a Thumbnail image can be automatically selected based on different criteria (e.g., uploaded images, attached images, etc.).

Taigichat Essentials

Enhance your TaigaChat Pro experience with our add-on. The TaigaChat Pro Essentials add-on allows you to tag users in the shoutbox, like shouts and keep track of them, as well as being alerted when you're tagged or liked.


Provide the key ability for your users to save information for later and make notes to retain engagement.


Allow your users to react on your forum with the emojis, icons, and images you enable!

Image Optimizer

Save bandwidth and improve your website’s load time by automatically compressing photos uploaded to your forum.

Question & Answer Forums

Strengthen your community with a tool for users to ask questions, mark a best answer, and help organize support.


Create a visually engaging forum to captivate your users with styled forum grids, backgrounds, colors, icons, and more.

UI.X 2

UI.X 2 is one of the most advanced XenForo themes to date. It also serves as the basis of all premium XenForo themes from ThemeHouse.


Spread the holiday cheer!


Bring animation and fun to your forum with GIFs from Giphy!


Boost your community’s interaction with music through our Spotify integration!


Get users to your most active and relevant threads fast so they can be more engaged and have a better experience.


Create campaigns to start receiving donations to support your forum.


Bring content filtering to your forum for an efficient way for users to explore and label content.


Allow users to set cover images throughout your forum to customize their experience which keeps your users engaged.


An integration to bring the best blogging/content management system to XenForo and the best forum software to WordPress.

Post Comments

Modernize your forum’s discussions with inline post replies so discussions are relative and easy to follow.

Install & Upgrade

Install & Upgrade allows you to easily install and upgrade themes, add-ons, and languages on your site.

UI.X Pro

The ideal forum experience created for you with the foundation to get you started, the technology you need, and a partner ready to help.


Easily link and manage platforms to XenForo in one place.


Integrate MediaWiki and XenForo to expand your forum.

Reactions Plus

Expand the type of reactions on your forum and use reactions in more ways.

Notifier - with Slack integration

Send notifications from XenForo to Slack, Mattermost, and Discord to stay informed.


Get help generating revenue on your forum with a combination of tools.

Featured Threads and Content

Display your most valuable threads with ease.

Thread Watchers

Let your users know how well-watched threads are!

Content Creation Limits

Allow administrators to control frequency over time of posts, messages and more in a detailed, granular fashion.

Attachments Plus

Create a quick, simple way for users to manage all their attachments across the forums!

Activation Reminder & User Purger

Automate reminders for users who haven’t activated their account and purge users who haven’t activated.

Style Switch

Show visitors their preferred color mode automatically through operating system color mode detection and transition from dark to light variations smoothly.

Banned User Conversation Access

Keep conversations available to banned users.

Force Style Plus

Force more pages to always use the theme you choose.

Members' Local Time

Show your members' local time.

Notices Plus

Choose to make your notices overlays and use phrases or templates in notices.

User Profile Notes

Make notes on member profile pages only visible to users with the appropriate permissions you set.

Indicate Threads with Staff Replies

Visually identify threads with replies from staff members.

Ignore More

Choose to Ignore threads or forums.

XPress Forum User Bridge

Easily authenticate users and sync roles between WordPress and XenForo.

Connected Account Providers

Whether your user base is tied to a specific industry, or you just want to provide more ways for users to register in log in, you can enhance the process with Connected Account Providers.

User Name Change

Do your users request user name changes? If so, let them change it themselves with User Name Change!

User Name Color

Allow users to add a little flair to their username by adding custom colors and styles!


Provide fast, reload-free content filtering for your forum’s visitors.

Latest Content Live Updates

Provide a live feed of your community’s activity and create a curated news feed for members.

Article and Forum Connect

Have the flexibility to connect posts/comments between XenForo and WordPress with the method that works best for you by either session cookies, connected WP/XF users, or an Iframe.


Content discovery made simple.


AC.UI is a theme that has been meticulously designed for the best experience.

ACE for XenForo

ACE for XenForo is our answer to what is the most ideal interface and experience for a community.

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