Subscription Terms

Last Updated: May 30th 2019, 9:42 pm
  • Software: XenForo, WordPress, any Content Management Software, Forum, Bulletin Board, distributed software, and anything in likeness.

Active Subscriptions
  1. All subscriptions are recurring payments and the payment will automatically be made monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the subscription you have selected
  2. We do not issue refunds for recurring payments, if you wish to cancel this should be done before the billing date
  3. You can cancel anytime. There are no term limitations or contracts involving a minimum amount of time you must hold a subscription.
  4. One active subscription counts towards one instance of XenForo and domain. For each domain and XenForo license you must have a corresponding subscription to hold an active license.
  5. An active license is defined by the right to use products on said software instance, the right to updates of said product should they be provided, and the right to premium support via our tickets system.

Cancelled Subscriptions
  1. You may continue to use downloaded products on up to one instance of XenForo.
  2. You will not receive updates or support in anyway for said products. To receive updates or support, you must reactivate the subscription.

We reserve the right to change these terms as we see fit. If you are on an active subscription, we will inform you of any changes and should expect to be locked in during the duration of an active subscription to the tune of at least one year.

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