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AndroidForums Community

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Android Forums is the largest community dedicated exclusively to discussing Android Phones, Android Tablets, and Android Wear.

Android Forums approached us in need of a redesign and a fresh perspective on the current structure of their forum. The real challenge came in restructuring the forum nodes to be intuitive and allow for more fluid discussion. Embracing the tried-and-true format of Material Design, we utilized a sidebar menu that would include quick links to different categories, a user’s favorite subjects, and a full listing of nodes. This approach helped users navigate the forum with better ease without alienating members who were more familiar with the past structure.

  • Complete UI/UX design process for all essential views that focused on updating the interface to Material Design spec

  • XenForo theme development that focused on responsiveness and smooth transitions

  • Logotype design based on existing brandmark

  • Trending threads add-on that populates a list of trending content based on number of likes, number of replies, age of the thread and more

  • Content and node strategy

  • XenForo add-on installation and configuration

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