Audentio Community - Sniper's Hide Gamification


Audentio Community - Sniper's Hide Gamification

Sniper's Hide

Sniper's Hide is a blog and community for the serious tactical marksman. We loved our partnership in their blog and forum redesign, so when they partnered with us through Audentio Community, we were thrilled to work with them.

Sniper's Hide community members can now engage in gamification on the site - through leaderboards highlighting top posters, donators, and users with most media items. And by earning achievements with custom badge designs and titles.

  • Badge design

  • Gamification notifications

  • Leaderboard design

  • Setup leaderboards and filters

  • Achievements, icons, and user titles

  • Set up XP (experience points) structure

  • User title: ladder and badge design

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