Audentio Community - Synyster Gates School Gamification


Audentio Community - Synyster Gates School Gamification

Synyster Gates School offers a learning and community space to fellow guitarist to hone their craft while making connections with other aspiring artists. From originally redesigning their platform, we've continued our partnership with the Avenged Sevenfold artist, Brian Haner Jr, to deliver a more engaging and unique community.

Community members enroll and complete in lessons and should be rewarded for their efforts. We introduced a series of achievements with custom badge designs and titles that followed the vibrant brand that is Syngates. Along with badges, we built a user experience system that allowed community members to 'level up' as they post and engage with the rest of the community.

To further reward engagement, we implemented a leaderboard that would highlight top posters, top riffers, and top donations with the ability to filter by week, month, or year.

With such an active and supportive community, it was really rewarding for our team to work one-on-one with Brian and other community members.

  • Badge design

  • Gamification notifications

  • Achievements and user titles

  • Set up XP (experience points) structure

  • Setup leaderboards and filters

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