BDOutdoors Community


BDOutdoors Community

BDOutdoors is an online fishing community, offering in-depth articles on a wide range of topics such as fishing reports, gear reviews, boating, recipes, and much more.

A long-standing community, BDoutdoors approached us wanting to achieve several goals: 1) upgrade their XenForo software 2) better sync their community with their blog and 3) introduce more modern elements to match their updated brand styleguide.

We approached the design with several iterations on unique brand elements to fit the fishing community as well as planning for two color themes. While there was the challenge of planning for a brand and sub-brand, the design was clean, simple, easily scalable for advertisement limitations, and one that could grow with the community.

• Complete UI/UX design process of all homepage, article, and forum views
• XenForo theme development
• Two theme variants based off of two brand color palettes
• Custom illustrations
• Upgrade from XenForo 1 to XenForo 2
• Implement advertisements
• Launch assistance
• Directory development

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