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CryptoWiki Community

We were approached by the team behind CryptoWiki to help them grow with a bold new identity and robust online experience. The development had a tall order: it needed to bridge multiple softwares to bring together their news, Wiki articles, and new community.

The key was adaptability even for the visuals. We designed a very modular homepage with the consideration of future additions. With the all-inclusive layout, we were able to create a central hub for uses that was simple yet powerful to consume news articles, forum posts, and Wiki articles. Along with the homepage, we designed and built a brand new community. We crafted a unique brand motif that could be utilized within category strips, thread titles, and canvas navigation.

The same adaptability had to be considered in development with different software integrations. Our development team really lent their magic to this project, developing a new bridge with MediaWiki as well as ensuring the website was highly performant even with the integrations. The result was a fluid, highly-interconnected website that could offer all of CryptoWiki's resources without looking disjointed and broken.

  • Complete UI/UX design process of essential views

  • Custom illustrations to incorporate unique brand elements

  • Large customization of UI.X Pro

  • Integration with UI.X Pro, XPress, and MediaWiki

  • Branding and modernization of logo

  • Launch assistance

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