Geex Platform


Geex Platform

Geex is a collegiate esport platform that allows schools, students, and publishers to find, create, and manage esport tournaments.

Geex was already making waves in the esport world when they partnered with Audentio for their debut product — a esport platform focused on collegiate gaming. With partnerships and branding established, we were tasked with building our most intricate platform yet that needed to be bold, visually stunning, and simple to use.

This project required a long, expertly managed project timeline. Thousands of hours were poured in the strategy, design, and development of the platform. Not only did we build a whole new platform to create content and visuals around, we got mega-strategic with the data structure and information architecture to streamline the processes for users.

  • Complete UI/UX design process

  • Invite system

  • Game integration

  • Experience system

  • Stream support

  • Account integration

  • Calendar and scheduling support

  • Analytics support

  • Business consulting

  • Custom iconography

  • Brand illustration

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