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PurseForum is the world's largest designer fashion community, with editorial articles, reviews, and more. It serves as both a resource and a community for fans of all things fashion. Having partnered together on a few projects over the years, it made sense for us to come together on this mobile app. We created a custom solution which integrates with XenForo to create a seamless experience for the PurseForum users to connect with the same community and content as on their desktops.

We customized our community app for the client, with features and functionality which include:

  • Saving, following, hiding, reacting to, and watching content with swipe gestures

  • Posting pictures, videos, and other media

  • Private chat and push notifications

  • Starting, joining, and reading discussions

  • Light and dark mode based on native preferences

  • Integration with XenForo

  • iOS and Android app versions

The app is still young, but we're excited to share reviews as they come in.

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