ResetEra Community


ResetEra Community

A leading video game community, ResetEra has quickly made itself a frontrunner in the world of video game discussion with over 15 million posts and 40,000 members. Looking to continue their growth for the future, the team behind ResetEra approached our team to deliver a modern, easy-to-navigate, and unique theme.

We approached the project with full creative reign, undergoing a very iterative process on the brand motif and userflow. Keeping to an airy aesthetic but still incorporating a lot of subtle flare, ResetEra has become one of our best forum projects to date.

  • Complete UI/UX design process of all essential views

  • Custom illustrations such as iconography and brand pattern

  • Large customization of UI.X Pro with intensive amount of XenForo custom development to achieve the special effects

  • Highly iterative process in regards to brand motif, welcome block, and color palette

  • Dark theme creation

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