Student Doctor Network Brand and Print Material


Student Doctor Network Brand and Print Material

Student Doctor Network is a non-profit organization helping students in many medical fields to become doctors by providing an active community, articles and other resources. The client had an upcoming conference and was in need of eye-catching material to have at their booth. This formulated into an initial brand styleguide, banner design, brochure and several flyers.

We knew a clean and professional look was best with angled compositions, bold color blocks and geometric pattern. These subtle brand motifs were translated through the entire suite of brand material for a consistent visual style. Student Doctor Network's brand voice moves away from the typical medical jargon and instead is very humanistic and genuine. To communicate their unique voice, we ensured that all photography was carefully chosen for it's diversity and realism.

  • 16-page brand styleguide that outlines logo specifications, color palette, and typography.

  • Large floor banner design to give a quick look at what medical fields SDN offers support for

  • Tri-fold brochure design to communicate who SDN is as a whole and what they offer

  • Multiple flyer designs to outlines the resources available for each field

  • 4-page financial report

  • Multiple digital banners designed to be used in various places on the website

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