Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide Community


Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide Community

At one point or another, we've visited such communities as Tom's Hardware or Tom's Guide for tech advice. When your computer breaks down and you look to Google, most likely one of the first searches is from either Tom's Hardware or Tom's Guide. We were honored to be approached by Future (parent company) to update the framework to our flagship product UI.X Pro and to also style each theme uniquely with their own brand elements.

We initially began with the UI/UX process of Tom's Guide forum list which would then reflect in the rest of the brands to keep them cohesive. It was imperative that we stayed true to the brand already set-out but introduce new elements to give the community a more brandable experience.

  • Complete UI/UX design process of forum list

  • Custom illustrations to incorporate unique brand elements

  • Large customization of UI.X Pro

  • Custom XenForo development of key add-ons such as Keyword Replace, Thread Navigation, and Quick Thread

  • Dark theme creation

  • Launch assistance

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