XDA-Developers App


XDA-Developers App

XDA-Developers, an authority in Android development, came to us for the creation of a custom mobile app. We handled their migration from vBulletin to XenForo as well, and this app paired up with their migration. They had an existing app already, and they wanted to be sure it would translate well after their migration. We had our existing community app that we’d been working on for a few months to add a native app to most XenForo 2 forums, but this went beyond that with several custom features to optimize it for their community. The project included:

  • Created the base community app

  • Installed the supporting XF add-ons on their staging site to see how their data worked with the app

  • Worked with them on choosing assets / colors / configuration for the base app to customize it

  • Developed custom functionality for their node list

  • Optimized performance of node structure experience and search for nodes

  • Worked with XDA and their moderator team for a few weeks to collect usability testing of the app and bug reports.

  • Made a go live plan for the main site and app

  • Launched the app

  • Monitor and fix bugs

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