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Zwangerschapspagina Community


Zwangerchapspagina is a well-known resource for those seeking information about getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and the time after. With over 21 million posts, Zwangerchapspagina offers a community to mothers and mothers-to-be to connect and show support.

With a brand refresh and complete website redesign, Zwangerschapspagina has now set itself apart from other communities by offering a friendly environment for all mothers.

A long-standing brand and website, Zwangerchapspagina came to us wanting a brand refresh and complete website redesign. Because of the subject matter, we focused on updating the old brand to one that has a softer and more friendly aesthetic.

  • Logo design that played with the motherhood motif

  • Complete UI/UX design process of all essential views such as homepage, article listing, article view and forum list.

  • XenForo theme development

  • WordPress theme development

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

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