XenForo 1 Add-on

As an extension to the following feature, this add-on allows for friendships to be created between members.

Once requested (by writing how you know each other), the prospective friend will be alerted and must confirm the friendship. The initiating friend will then be alerted that the friendship has been formed. Friends can also flag that they know each other personally.

With the [TH] User Criteria add-on, users can also be promoted to user groups based on the number of friends and personal friends they have on the site.

Additionally, users can set their privacy settings so that certain actions can only be performed by friends (e.g., viewing profile, starting conversation).

Allow users to send friend requests
Users able to enter how they know each other when sending friend requests
Users receive alerts when they receive friend requests, or a friend request is accepted
Users can flag if they know each other personally (outside of the site)
Privacy settings can allow users to set certain actions to be performed only by friends
Users can be promoted to user groups based on the number of friends they have or number of friends they know personally (requires [TH] User Criteria)
ReleasedNov 24th, 2015
Last UpdatedJul 3rd, 2017Changelog
CategoryXenForo 1 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 1.x
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