UI.X Add-on

XenForo 1 Add-on

This add-on serves as the foundation for our XenForo theme product-line. It is the necessary functionality that allows us to extend the XenForo software in order to be able do things that the theme item alone cannot.

It is kept separate as it is not tied to the theme, view, images, files, or templates in any way. The add-on may not always need updating when the theme does, as themes typically need updating for every update XenForo software does.

Install/upgrade TH themes from XenForo ACP
Extend permissions and user preferences for stylistic features
Uncollapse sticky threads on new reply with various options to control this
Iconator icon list stored for using icons such as FontAwesome all over XenForo
Social media, footer, common content stored across all themes in one place
Node grid and node CSS/class/icon management

UI.X Add-on Features


Keep a list of icons, by default FontAwesome, to use icons all over the site.

Easy Installation

After installing the UI.X Add-on, you are able to install your themes with just one click.

Update Notifications

When a update is due for the add-on or theme, you will get notified right away. Ether from he Administrative Panel or above your forum index.

ReleasedDec 13th, 2016
Last UpdatedApr 7th, 2017Changelog
CategoryXenForo 1 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 1.x
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