User Upgrades

XenForo 1 Add-on

Add additional features to the built in user upgrades functionality. Enjoy features such as:

  • User upgrade categories

  • Search user upgrades

  • Detailed transaction log

  • Manually upgrade user

Extended built-in user upgrades to include:

  • Agreement (i.e terms & conditions of the upgrade)

  • Redirect

  • Button Title

  • Show upgrading pricing

  • Option to have a tiered upgrades system (only applicable to permanent upgrades)

  • Custom end date (useful for pro-rating)

  • Option to add a "trial period" for a nominal fee to allow customers to test out upgrades before buying the full upgrade

  • Alert users of upcoming upgrade expiration a specific number of days ahead of time (i.e 7 days before expiration)

  • Allow for multiple purchases of an upgrade

  • Hide upgrades from the available upgrade list, with a specific URL to access the hidden upgrade

ReleasedNov 24th, 2015
Last UpdatedAug 9th, 2017Changelog
CategoryXenForo 1 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 1.x
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