XenForo 1 Add-on

Add a blogging system to your forum and enhance your community experience with the following features:

  • Assign blogs to categories: You can add unlimited categories from your ACP. When you add an category, you can set it as parent or a child of another category. You can also set the category order in which to display them and enter a description as to what that category is about. You can also re-arrange the categories display order with ease.

  • Attachments supported

  • Admins can add 3 types of blogs: Plain text with BBcode and smiley support, HTML, and PHP (using the $output variable)

  • Add a navigation tab linking to the blog

  • Comment system

  • Display order by: Most recent, last updated, most viewed, most replied, title (alphabetical), latest comments, most rated, or most liked

  • Sort blogs in ascending or descending order

  • Sort comments by date or likes in ascending or descending order

  • New blog indicator for the navigation bar

  • Inline moderation of blogs/comments: Mass delete/undelete and mass approve/unapprove

  • Quick stats

  • Top bloggers

  • Display a select number of blogs on the forum index page

  • Like integration: Blog owners receive an alert when their blog is liked

  • Blogs and comments can be edited or deleted by anyone with appropriate permissions

  • Soft or hard delete blogs: Soft delete can be restored

  • Time limits for editing/deleting blogs

  • Maximum length settings for blogs and comments (excluding staff members)

  • Tagging integration: Tagged users receive an alert

  • Daily limits on blog posts or comments

  • Reply alert: Author receives an alert when a comment is posted on their blog

  • User group permissions can be set for blogs or comments to be moderated before being posted

  • Report integration

  • Sitemap integration

  • What's New integration

  • Search integration

  • Newsfeed integration

  • Moderation log integration

  • Users will not see blog posts by users they ignore

  • View IP permissions extended to view IP of blog poster or commenter

  • Admin blog tools including: Stick/unstick blog, enable/disable blog, enable/disable comments, prune comments, prune ratings, see which users viewed the blog, and see which users are watching the blog

  • Recount and rebuild to delete blogs, comments, and ratings by deleted users and guests

  • Notable page with a list of the top bloggers

  • Top commenters listed in a block on the blogs page

  • When viewing a users profile, a blog button is seen that allows you to view blogs by that user

Multiple display order types
Tagging integration so users are alerted whenever they are tagged in a post
Choose between soft or hard delete blogs
Easily view Quick Stats and Top Bloggers

XenBlog Features


Includes Report integration, Sitemap integration, Whats New integration, Search integration, Newfeed integration, and Moderation log integration


Users can choose when to receive alerts about their blog, including likes, rates, tags, followers, trophies, or comments.

3 Types of Blogs

Admins can choose to add 3 types of blogs supported: Plain text with BBcode and smiley support, HTML, and PHO (using the $output variable)

ReleasedOct 29th, 2015
Last UpdatedNov 6th, 2017Changelog
CategoryXenForo 1 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 1.x
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