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Encourage member engagement by rewarding members for completing desired and valuable activities with achievements. We've done the planning and strategy for you by providing over 100 stock achievements, each with an unique icon, that are ready to be awarded from the very beginning. With many options for criteria to choose from, awarding users for engaging with your community has never been easier.

Users can place in a ranked leaderboard

Achievements Features

Administrator Features
  • Create custom achievements based on user criteria and add your own icons

  • Get started with the many stock achievements available with icons, XP amounts, criteria, categories, and tiers

  • Encourage new members with logarithmic XP levels that are exponential in the first month of membership

  • Import/export achievements

  • Integrate Experience Points (XP) with user actions on holidays

  • Organize achievements with your own categories

  • Create parent achievements for completing all of the child achievements

  • Rebuild to retroactively award new achievements for past activity

  • Extend other add-ons to award achievements

  • Enable alert notifications for achievement earned, achievement levels up, and reaching a new level

  • See all users who’ve earned each achievement in user progress

  • Complete achievements for users manually

  • Create silent achievements to quietly award XP for various tasks without presenting them to the user

User Features
  • Complete specific actions and earn XP for Achievements

  • Earn user titles based on XP

  • Showcase earned achievements in postbits via the designated icons

  • View all possible and earned achievements in their profile

  • Select favorite achievement to display in the user profile

ReleasedJun 11th, 2020
Last UpdatedJul 6th, 2023Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.x
PHP 7.4+
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