Featured Threads and Content

XenForo 2 Add-on

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Draw attention and maintain engagement with featured threads, resources, and media items! Spotlighting your favorite and valuable content gives your community an easy way to see some of the best information on your site. Create a page displaying featured content and make a widget too!

Display your favorite and valuable threads, resources, and media items
Easily share some of the best information on your site
Automatically feature content based on criteria

Featured Threads and Content Features

Administrator Features

• Set up criteria to automatically feature content with Content, User, and User field criteria
• Choose the order in which auto feature criteria will be checked
• Choose how many featured items can be displayed per page
• Choose the maximum excerpt length for featured items
• Allow moderators to feature threads, polls, media and resources
• Create a widget to display featured content
• Choose the number of featured content items to be displayed on the widget
• Set the pixels you would like all uploaded slider background images to be
• Determine how long content can remain featured or leave it featured indefinitely
• Display a user’s current featured content on a "Featured content" tab on their member profile
• Apply a prefix to featured threads
• Show the first post at the top of all pages in the featured thread
• Determine the size and style icons should be for the featured content
• Add advertisements above and below feature message content
• Choose whether or not users can dismiss features from widgets in permissions

User Features

• Easily identify and view featured content
• Have their currently featured content displayed on their member profile
• Dismiss features from displaying in widgets if you have the appropriate permissions

ReleasedJun 19th, 2019
Last UpdatedDec 19th, 2023Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.1
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