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Automatically optimize any image uploaded to your forum. Compress your photos to save storage space and bandwidth and improve your website's load time. Image Optimizer supports,, jpegoptim, gifsicle and pngquant.

You will need to have an active subscription on to use with Image Optimizer. To use Pngquant and Jpegoptim with Image Optimizer you must install them on your server.

Save storage space and bandwidth
Improve your website's load time for a better user experience
Automatically compress photos uploaded to your forum

Image Optimizer Features

General Features
  • Optimize any image on your forum

  • Optimize all images uploaded or optimize images via cron

  • Support for,, Jpegoptim, and Pngquant

  • Support for user avatars, attachments (including the XenForo Media Gallery and other add-ons that use the attachment system) and proxied images

  • View which images have been optimized, how much storage space was saved, and which provider was used in the status queue

Pngquant Features with Image Optimizer
  • Supports png image type

  • Define minimum quality

  • Define maximum quality

  • Choose speed

Jpegoptim Features with Image Optimizer
  • Supports jpeg image type

  • Define maximum quality

  • Choose whether or not to strip EXIF data

  • Choose whether or not to strip IPTC data Features with Image Optimizer
  • Supports gif, jpeg, and png image types

  • Choose between lossless and lossy optimization types

  • Preserve metadata for the image Features with Image Optimizer
  • Supports gif, jpeg, png, and bmp image types

  • Choose whether or not to preserve EXIF metadata

ReleasedOct 12th, 2017
Last UpdatedJan 16th, 2024Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons Account, XenForo 2.0 or 2.1
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