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XenForo 2 Add-on

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Guide new members through basic functionality of the site and offer quick and simple explanations on the most vital functions through a customizable tour.

Enhance new member onboarding

Site Tour Features

Administrator Features
  • Add features tours to introduce new members to the community

  • Utilize default tours that are added on installation

  • Set tour options, user criteria, page criteria, and more

  • Add steps per tour

  • Write descriptions for the messages members will read throughout the tour

  • Pick where each step should appear during the tour

  • Select step styles: Default is blue, highlight is orange, success is green, warning is yellow, and error is red

  • Reset progress for all users so they see the tour from the beginning

User Features
  • Get familiar with the community by following tour messages

  • Close out of the tour if desired

ReleasedApr 27th, 2021
Last UpdatedJun 12th, 2023Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.x
PHP 7.4+
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