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With Thread Types Plus you can create Anonymous, Media, Recipe, Report, Support, and Wiki threads. Plus create forums specifically for Recipes, Reports, and Support. Extending Question Threads, you can enable auto-marking the best answer and remind users automatically select a best answer. You can also allow Article Threads and Recipe Threads to be reviewed, enable Post Comments to all thread types, and utilize more voting options.

Expand your community’s capabilities
New thread and forum types
Question thread automations

Thread Types Plus Features

General Features
  • Adds Anonymous, Media, Recipe, Report, Support, and Wiki thread types

  • Make Wiki, Media, Recipe, and Anonymous Threads available in the general discussion forum

  • Regulate which thread type will be the default selected type for a discussion forum

  • Adds Recipe, Report, and Support forum types

  • Choose which users can create which thread types in which forums with permissions

  • Filter forums by thread type for the thread types present in the selected forum

  • Apply the thread type filter to the default New Posts and New Threads widgets

  • Create an Unanswered Questions widget

  • Import from the [TH] Post Comments add-on, the [TH] WikiPosts add-on, and the [UW] Forum Comments System add-on by xffutureuser

  • Allow users to review Article Threads and Recipe Threads similarly to reviewing a Resource in the XenForo Resource - Manager or a Media/Album in the XenForo Media Gallery Official Plugins

  • Determine who can rate and if thread authors can reply to reviews

  • Adds the ability to auto-mark the best answer for Question Threads so that after the configured number of days, a reply that meets the minimum required vote score will automatically be selected as best answer

  • Remind users automatically that they should select a best answer in their Question Threads after specified number of days if they received a reply

Post Comments
  • Enable Post Comments to all thread types, specify threads that allow post comments on all posts except the first post, or limit to only allow post comments on the first post in specific thread types

  • Allow users to disable alerts from comments in their preferences

  • Support for reactions, votes, reporting, moderation queue in Post Comments and are fully searchable

  • Enable voting for each thread, post, and post comment type individually

  • Determine which thread types allow the first post, posts after the first, and post comments to be votable

  • Enable downvotes

  • Show the vote score and voting for threads on the thread container

  • Enable automatically casting an upvote on each content that a user creates themself or allow users to manually vote on the content they create

  • Determine via permissions who can vote on post comments, the impact a user’s vote has on the total vote score, who can view votes

ReleasedMay 12th, 2021
Last UpdatedMar 29th, 2023Changelog
CategoryXenForo 2 Add-ons
RequirementsXenForo 2.2+, PHP 7.4+
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