Audentio Celebrates 10 years

By Mike Creuzer  02/14/2017

Today we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of Audentio.

An anniversary is a great occasion to reflect on how far you’ve come. Starting by myself as a one person production in a basement, Audentio has grown into a multi-talented team of some of the best creatives and developers. In the last three years have we grown into a professional brick and mortar company, fully invested, organized and laser-focused. But we started a decade ago, as just a small website, bringing together lots of different freelancers from all over the world, and it has been a beautiful ride ever since. We earn every step with hard-work, perseverance, and all the love and passion we can muster.

Since we started, we’ve continued to grow and adapt. From Audentio Themes, to Audentio Design, and now to Audentio. As students of the world, we are always learning. As craftsmen, always refining and never settling for subpar. Our projects and skills have continued to become more diverse and our team is constantly challenged with finding new solutions. Every day we work towards being the best we can be, and we will never stop.

Currently, we are building an essential Wordpress component-based framework, Blueprint. We cannot wait to post the designs and previews of what we have. The team is also building out an entire new XenForo 2.0 product line when the software is released. And we are also pleased to showcase a handful of apps we’ve built recently which really bring together all the different talents our company offers.

This decade milestone would not be possible without the loyalty of our customers and our team. I cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it is to go to work with the people at this company. The drive, the talent, it’s truly amazing. I love what I do because of you. And our customers and clients have helped push us every step of the way towards greater success. Thank you all for everything. Audent(io) means to dare, to be bold or courageous, and that is what we do and who we are. We are not afraid to make big moves. For our team, for our customers, we will all see greatness.

Mike Creuzer

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