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Mike Creuzer

ThemeHouse Launches
By Mike Creuzer on Dec 20 2016.

Today we are pleased to release ThemeHouse to the public! Beautiful, amazing digital products from Audentio in one single place, with the power and finesse you expect.

Audentio Celebrates 10 years
By Mike Creuzer on Feb 14 2017.

After 10 years in digital, we take pause. Thank you so much to our team, customers, and clients for everything.

The Top Add-Ons Every XenForo 1 Site Needs
By Mike Creuzer on Sep 08 2017.

Our team took the time to compile a list of add-ons they use on a daily basis for their XenForo projects.

How Forums Can Help Improve Your Website or Project
By Mike Creuzer on Oct 11 2017.

We're well known for our work in forums, but forums have more to offer than just a social element. Here's some reasons you should consider adding a forum to your website.

How We Use Slack to Power our Communication
By Mike Creuzer on Jan 02 2018.

Here's a look at how we use Slack to work more efficiently and our thoughts on what we like.

Our developers shift product development focus to XenForo 2
By Mike Creuzer on Jun 19 2017.

Our team has begun product development on various XenForo 2 related add-ons and products and moving away from XenForo 1 product development.

Annual plans, support for XenForo 2 products, and more in latest website update
By Mike Creuzer on Sep 07 2017.

We've updated our website to include awesome new features such as a new demo picker, annual plans, and support for XenForo 2

The Perspective of UI.X 2
By Mike Creuzer on Nov 13 2017.

After building out the most feature-packed framework for XenForo 1, we're back with XenForo 2 and it's even better.

Proper Theme Installation and Management for XenForo 1
By Mike Creuzer on Jan 03 2018.

We share our insights on the best approach to installing a XenForo 1 theme with future upgrades in mind.

2017 Recap
By Mike Creuzer on Jan 10 2018.

A new year has come and we're taking a moment to look back at what made 2017 so great.

XenForo 2 products from ThemeHouse with free branding removal
By Mike Creuzer on Nov 14 2017.

We now offer free branding removal for our XenForo 2 themes and add-ons

The Launch of UI.X 2
By Mike Creuzer on Nov 28 2017.

Announcing the launch of UI.X 2, the ultimate XenForo 2 theme framework.

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