Free Sketch Plug-Ins to Drastically Improve Your Workflow

By Nikki Radloff  02/24/2017
Functional design is key.

Finding plugins that are able to optimize a designer's workflow is essential to the design process. We've compiled a list of some favorite free Sketch plugins used frequently to enhance day to day projects.

1. Sketch Toolbox

Sketch toolbox is an intuitive plugin management system that allows you to update, install, and browse add-ons available for Sketch. It’s currently in it’s beta stages and offers organization and metadata for plugins, the ability to easily search for plugins, and customizable keyboard shortcuts for all your plugins within Sketch. Download Here

2. Craft by Invision

Craft is a set of tools for screen design workflow developed by Invision. You’re able to easily add unique content to your sketch files using one-click. You’re also able to pull in content from live websites, such as text and images. Craft is also synced with unsplash, allowing you to quickly search and use placeholder images. You can also connect to API’s, pulling in any real data you need. Craft also offers a cloud based sync service for your brand component, so your team consistently works with the same files. Craft is able to generate style guides and any changes made to the style guide is immediately applied to all instances within your sketch file. Craft also allows you to sync your project to Invision, removing the drag-and-drop extra step in your workflow. Download Here

3. Content Generator

The Content generator plugin allows you to easily fill your sketch file with dummy content, such as avatars, names, and locations. This is extremely useful when inserting a large number of placeholders, allowing multiple placeholders to be placed at one time. Download Here

4. Icon Font

The Icon Font plugin for Sketch allows you to insert and manage your icons from icon fonts. You are able to use any icon font, such as FontAwesome, Ion, or Material Design. You can easily search through Icon Fonts to find the icon you’re looking for and view icons instead of looking for the shortcuts on your keyboard. Developers are able to easily find the name directly from sketch, without having to search through the font. Download Here

5. Show States

Show states allows you to create different states within sketch and switch between them easily. You can easily toggle the visibility of your layers, create new states, and update changes within your states. Download Here

6. Rename It.

Rename it allows you to easily rename multiple layers within your sketch file. It allows you to create sequences within your layers, to easily name your layers based on their current position within the layers. You can also use rename it to add a prefix to multiple layers at once, while still maintaining the original layer name. You can rename multiple items by choosing to add their dimensions or alphabetical letter sequence. You can quickly find and replace keywords within multiple layers. Download Here

7. Sketch Palettes

This plugin allows you to easily save and import palettes into the Sketch color picker. Your saved palettes will be saved to your computer as .sketchpalettes, where you can easily share your palettes with others. You can load in palettes easily as well as save the palette you’re currently working with for other projects. Download Here

8. Sort Me

Sort Me is a Sketch plugin that allows you to quickly organize your Artboards in alphabetical order. It comes with quick keyboard shortcuts, so you can quickly make these organizational changes without having to interrupt your workflow. This helps keep your artboards and layers organized, so you can easily keep track of the project. Download Here

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