Material Design icons list in comma delimited format

By Jeremy Wilder  01/18/2017

In launching our latest XenForo Theme, Material, we were looking for a script / API / solution that could grab the latest Material Icons in a large comma delimited list.

First we should of course grab from Google's Material design icons since these are perhaps more concise. But we also wanted a list of a different repository that's also open-source and managed by the public rather than Google called Material Design Icons which is a hybrid of community provided icons and that also includes the set of official icons from Google. This list has a lot more options such as social media logos and the like so is more widely accepted.

Natually with XenForo, being in PHP you can simply drop the script on your webserver and call the file for a CSV list of the current icons. By default we've chosen the larger more generic Material Design Icons website as the main one it pulls from, but by simply uncommenting the other URL will give you just Google's official icons.

Grab it from our Github repository here!

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