ThemeHouse Launches

By Mike Creuzer  12/20/2016

Hello all and welcome to the all new, beautiful ThemeHouse!

Just thought we would make a quick announcement on who we are, what we're here to do, and where we are going from here.

Who we are

We are Audentio. We decided that in order to be able to continue developing apps, comprehensive style guides, component libraries, videography, content, digital marketing, and more, it would be easier if we started to separate our company into distinct branches.

  • ThemeHouse: Wordpress, XenForo, distributed software themes and add-ons, forum consultation and community marketing models
  • SproutBox: Web hosting, migration, system administration, data management
  • Audentio: The company we've always been and still are. High quality design, UI/UX, development, strategy, and whatever else we feel like building!
What we're here to do

To be brief, we aim to raise the bar for the modern age of forums, CMS software, UI/UX design, themes, add-on quality, and more. We've been building products that are useful to our clients for a decade, and we're looking to move into the next phase of technology, the internet, and what it means to run a website, forum, blog.

Technology is the future, and we've done our homework. We plan on utilizing cutting edge technologies into the future. Our own website is built completely from scratch using modern design trends, UI patterns, ReactJS, Redux, Rails, Node, and more. Such a stack gives us the ability to launch applications for native devices, stateful componentization to reduce code bugs, and do more intricate features that are more useful to users.

Where we go from here

Now that we have a proper website, we are going to start getting back to what we do best. First, we are going to make sure all the bugs are knocked out of our website for the next few weeks and as they are reported. Second, we have begun a beautiful framework for XenForo 2. We will post screenshots here on this blog as we progress. Third, we are going to continue development on our UI framework Peapod, featured in cPanel's new Site Publisher tool. Fourth, we will apply our decade of theming knowledge and UI component library into Blueprint, our flagship Wordpress framework.

And that is just to start, we expect to be caught up with this in the very near future. From there will continue to beef up our hosting infrastructure, new XenForo add-ons and services, Wordpress plugins and themes, and more. We have also begun mobile application development for iOS and Android with React Native. This will allow us to come full circle with the modern technology development world. And we couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much

To all the people who have stuck with us, we know who you are. We see you liking our posts, helping us out in threads, and helping us in any way you see fit. Thank you so so much, you've made this job amazing and we're happy to be able to help the community by continuing to invest in XenForo and begin in Wordpress. So all our properties can benefit and we can all grow together.

For any questions or concerns, such as bugs or finding out where something went, please use our forum.

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