Meet the Support Team

By Victoria D  05/18/2020

Meet our support team! We are more than just a friendly helper working on your support request, email, or ticket. Lets remove some of the anonymity so you can get to know the wonderful people who will likely be helping you out.

Dalton Prock

Customer Relations Specialist & Customer Support Lead

From testing products to answering questions, Dalton is involved throughout the product processes. For 4 years he has supported our customers and aims to create a positive experience. Dalton’s co-workers appreciate his southern charm. He’s kind, helpful, and always ready to lend a hand.

When he isn’t helping our customers he spends time researching the newest pieces of software, takes peaceful bicycle rides with the family, experiments with basic web development/design, and tests out the newest games.

Ian Hitt

Senior Developer & Support Lead

Having been on the team for 5 years, Ian is our lead HTML/CSS developer. He creates and manages themes/interfaces for custom projects and for ThemeHouse products. He’s efficient, thorough, and a very fun teammate to work with.

Ian is enthusiastic about the Oakland Raiders football team, fantasy storytelling from pretty much any media outlet, and discovering/writing music.

Lukas Wieditz

Senior Developer

Backend developer and add-on specialist, Lukas creates and manages some cool and complicated add-ons for our clients’ needs and for ThemeHouse products.

He thoroughly enjoys development (he programs in his free-time too) and text based RPGs. Lukas lives in Germany and has a Husky, who’s often featured in his profile pictures and on team calls.

Will Leffert

Media/Web Designer

Will’s our jack-of-all trades with many talents personally and professionally. At Audentio, he primarily works on web design and development, and has a passion for accessibility.

He is clever and is always making his co-workers laugh. In his free time Will likes to write, create music/art, code, create gaming guides, and read!

Sarah Worthylake Apel

Director of Operations

Sarah keeps us organized and focused so we can meet our goals. From daily operations to long term planning and Finance to HR, she keeps us going.

As a co-worker and leader, she brings the right mix of fun, seriousness, understanding, and direction. She can be found riding her motorcycle, playing with her dog, painting, or reading a good book for fun.

Everyone Else

Everyone on our team helps in support whether it’s by helping to answer a question behind the scenes, jumping into a conversation to help out, or helping us run smoothly. We’re a team, our own little community that’s happy to welcome and help others.

What does everyone else do? A lot! As a team of specialists and employees at a small company, we each have our areas of focus but help each other outside of those areas as well. It’s one thing that helps us to continuously learn and improve. We have hobbies and interests that keep us busy too! Like writing stories, playing D&D, 3D modeling, creating art, cooking, and so much more! 🖤

That’s a little about our support team. If you haven’t talked to us yet, we are here to support you and if you have, we look forward to hearing from you again! Just click here to start a ticket.

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