Now Added: XPress and XWiki Installation Options

By Victoria D  05/24/2019

Integrating software can be tough, which is why we are happy to share that we are now offering installation by our experienced forum developers for XPress and XWiki on existing platforms. We’ll help with installation, basic configuration, and assistance in resolving server errors that may occur for $99.95 at the time of purchase for XPress and XWiki.

During checkout, you’ll be provided with two options: Self Installation or Professional Installation. If you choose self installation, you’ll still be provided with our bug support. However, if you run into any server errors, you will be charged at our standard hourly rate of $159 per hour. This new option will not impact customers who have previously purchased XPress or XWiki.

If an installation/configuration service is not purchased during checkout, certain support tickets may experience longer wait times due to the nature of a complex bridge system or may not be able to be addressed. Issues that arise during installation with any number of add-ons, themes, setup and configuration errors, and just variance on server and platform in general can be hard to determine immediately and may require multiple developers to resolve the issue.

If you did not purchase the professional installation during checkout and are currently experiencing major issues with XPress or XWiki, please create a ticket here. Custom add-ons, customizations, and server configuration can prevent XPress or XWiki from working properly. Should you encounter an issue, please create a ticket here. If the issue is due to custom add-ons, customizations, or server configuration we will offer a full refund if reported here within 30 days. ThemeHouse is at the sole discretion on refunds and you must allow us time to help fix the issue.

We are making this change as we have found that the vast majority of bugs or issues have to do with setup or configuration. If you did not buy this, and are having major issues, we would welcome you to purchase this or get a refund for the product.

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