Our developers shift product development focus to XenForo 2

By Mike Creuzer  06/19/2017

Our team has been working in XenForo since July of 2010, months before it was even released to the public. We were the first to release a heavily customized theme (Kier even gave us some sweet kudos!), XenForce, just one day after we got our hands on the software. And we've been in love with XenForo ever since.

XenForo has decided that they would like to move the software in another direction, and in doing so are entirely scrapping the existing codebase. The technologies used in XenForo 1 were some of the best of the last decade; but now, years later forums and digital platforms requirer newer, faster, more modern technologies. So they are building XenForo 2, the first major version change in XenForo's history, built from the ground up.

So what does that mean for ThemeHouse and our customers?

First of all, we are not going anywhere at all. We are the longest running XenForo development team in the XenForo community, and have full intentions of continuing to build amazing resources, add-ons, themes, and offer full-service work moving forward. We rebuilt our brand new website and released it in the last week of 2016, and this move was to help give our customers modern invoicing, subscription tools, search tools, and support that they need when working with us. We've even seen growth in certain areas. So we have no plans of going anywhere, in fact we cannot wait to move forward!

What will happen with XenForo 1 products?

The only thing we are doing is shifting focus towards XenForo 2 products. And in order to do that we are only fixing critical bugs in the XenForo 1 series or taking on custom development services. So if you need a feature or tool, create a ticket and we will reach out with an estimate. If its a bug, as per usual, please feel free to post in our bug tracker.

Planned XenForo 2 projects

Our flagship product, used in thousands of XenForo boards, is UI.X. We have already built this for XenForo 2, and are just refining, testing, adding new features, and perfecting the product so its ready to go right away. With XenForo 1, UI.X was given large features as time went on. This time around, we plan to have it perfected out of the gate day 1. We are only able to do this because we've grown in size since then and will be able to offer all our resources into building a near-perfect product out of the gate. I started the project myself a long time ago, but today we have over ten extremely talented people that touch the project and will also do so for UI.X 2. We've posted some screenshots and information here at XenForo.com.

We also have a few key add-ons such as Donate, Mailing List, Reactions (a replacement for Post Ratings), and a few others planned shortly after as well! We plan on having fewer add-ons (20-40 add-ons) vs our current list of around 400. This will let us focus more time into the best quality and most needed products for XenForo. Thank you to all our customers for all your support, if you have questions please feel free to create a ticket!

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